Why People of the Woods?


Why People of the Woods?  What's special about the Woods?

Humans have lived in and been a part of the woods for thousands and thousands of years.  We have used it for safety, comfort, shelter, and warmth.  We've used the woods to hunt for food.  We've used the forests to improve our lives with things like furniture and medicine. The woods have helped us survive.  We have a bond with the woods.

As with most things, some may have a stronger relationship, but we all have a connection to nature.  We all seek that connection whether it’s from a sunset, a mountain view, the sound of a river, the crashing of waves, or the solitude from standing in the forest.  If you’ve used the terms “this is heaven” or “this is breath taking”, then you probably were somewhere reconnecting to nature. 

Being in the woods can leave you feeling rejuvenated, less stressed, and overall, in a better mood.  It can take things in life and help you put them into prospective.  Being surrounded by life, plants and animals, can help you connect to nature as it was intended to be. 

People of the Woods experience this relationship to nature in many ways.  We enjoy a hike in the woods.  We love to camp by a creek.  We wake up early to spend all day fishing in a stream.  We take a drive in the mountains to get away from it all.  We like walking and finding rocks.  We prospect for gold and metal detect.  We take a kayak or canoe down a river.  We choose to hunt for our food.  We chase waterfalls and the best sunsets.  We look up at the stars.  We find a place in the woods to sit and take it all in.

As long as there are people here on Earth, we will need the woods.  We all are People of the Woods.


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