About People of the Woods



Welcome to People of the Woods.  A brand created for those with the simple love for nature and being outdoors.  We hike, we camp, we kayak, sometimes we just go sit in the woods.  We are bonded by the connection and feeling of being in nature.  People of the Woods captures that connection, and we inspire to put that passion into all our products.


My name is Travis and I’m the founder of People of the Woods.  At an early age, I was influenced by nature and being in the woods.  I spent many childhood days with friends out in the woods, camping, exploring, building tree forts, fishing in the creeks.  The feeling I got and still have from being in the woods led to the vision to create this brand.  Nature can be a calming place, an exciting place, a majestic place.  Here at People of the Woods, we want to inspire everyone to go out and experience nature.